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Ambassador Yerkin Akhinzhanov has great Hope for Kazakhstan

The Editor Oslo TV
January 13, 2022

The Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Norway, His Excellency Yerkin Akhinzhanov, meets Pastor Jan-Aage Torp for a candid conversation about the peaceful demonstrations in his nation that started on January 2nd as a reaction to the rise in gas prices, but that were «hijacked» by violent terrorists from abroad and domestically who exploited the situation in an attempt to destabilize the constitutional order of the young, 30 year old nation.

But the family man and experienced diplomat, Mr. Akhinzhanov, shares his gratitude that the terrorists have been brought down by resolute action of the government and common people of Kazakhstan.

The Ambassador has great hope for his people that have overcome great obstacles through history.

Welcome to watch Ambassador Akhinzhanov tell «the other side of the story» that international media does not want to tell.

Photo Credits: Sahar Zargar

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