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Amal Yahya Almoalimi - Saudi Arabia´s Ambassador to Norway

The Editor Oslo TV
May 30, 2021

Her Excellency, Mrs. Amal Yahya Almoalimi - Ambassador from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Norway, receives Pastor Jan-Aage Torp at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Oslo for a cordial conversation.

Mrs. Almoalimi shares her pride and delight in her five children, as well as her appreciation of her supportive husband, and the extended family. She shares candidly how her nation historically has placed great emphasis on the dignity and freedom of men and women, and that this is a bedrock of the national plan for the future, «Saudi Vision 2030», that is gaining momentum among both young and old. 

The Saudi Ambassador also shares her love for Norway, and the similarities of our nations: Both as world leading petroleum nations, and as nations with tough beduins and vikings.  

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