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Expert Panel: Defending the Family in Europe

The Editor Oslo TV
June 29, 2021

(Vienna) As an extension of the KKN Family Defense Award ceremony in the Coptic Church of the Holy Virgin of Zeitoun in the Austrian capital Vienna on June 29th, 2021, KKN´s Chairman Jan-Aage Torp invited the two foremost legal experts in the Christian Church in Europe to have an informed conversation about the legal, political and spiritual battle for the family in Europe.

The two experts are Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International in Vienna; and Jerzy Kwasniewski, President of the Ordo Iuris Institute of Legal Culture in Warsaw,

What's the role of a lawyer?

What is courage to defend human rights today?

Why do human life, freedom and our family life need defenders today?

These questions and more were addressed.

The conversation was recorded by Ordo Iuris.

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