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Psychiatrist from London and Prophet from Quebec

The Editor Oslo TV
January 19, 2021

The third edition in 2021 of the Insight Talkshow with Pastor Torp continues the strong development of the show with highlevel guests and trustbuilding conversations across denominational, national, and professonal barriers. Last week┬┤s show was watched by a record of 50.0000+ in Europe and globally, on all platforms.

This week features the distinguished psychiatrist in London, England, Dr. Kalpana Dein. She is a native Indian, grew up in Muslim Kuwait, is married to a secular Jew, and practices as a forensic psychiatrist - while leading a vibrant Christian prayer movement.

Our other guest is Rev. Michel Chevalier who is a French-speaking Canadian from Stanstead in Quebec. He has served the Lord with his wife Natalie in fulltime ministry for 35+ years as a prophet all over the world, but for more than a decade his focus has been on French-speaking Europe.

Pastor Torp also paints a picture of the movement that he serves, European Apostolic Leaders (EAL).

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