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Impacting Bogotá, Frankfurt and London

The Editor Oslo TV
January 27, 2021

In the fourth edition in 2021 of the Insight Talkshow, Pastor Torp presents two cutting-edge representatives for the Kingdom of God in the world.

Our first guest is Mrs. Pamela Delgado (recently married to Tomislav Cunovic!) from Bogotá, Colombia who for the past six years has spearheaded the prolife 40 Days for Life movement in Colombia. Now she lives with her husband in Frankfurt, Germany. Mrs. Pamela is a devout Catholic Christian, and shares her passion for the unborn children and mothers, and casts a vision of building «holy families».

Our other guest is Rev. Paul Naughton, the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Wembley, London. Pastor Paul has built a powerful local church in the great metropolis, and is passionate about equipping young people for Kingdom purposes in the workplace and society. He shares how the prophetic ministry has greatly enhanced their stance and strategy during the worldwide pandemic.

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